Bcsp Blue Core Serial Protocol

OPTIONS -t Specify the communication transport. Alundra Rom Deutsch. Valid options are: HCI Local device with Host Controller Interface (default).

Bcsp Bluecore Serial Protocol

Core Serial Protocol. BCSP(4) Device Drivers Manual BCSP(4) NAME bcsp - BlueCore Serial Protocol driver SYNOPSIS pseudo-device bcsp. BCSP (BlueCore Serial Protocol) is serial protocol for communication. Between Bluetooth device and host. This protocol is required for non. USB Bluetooth devices based on CSR BlueCore chip, including PCMCIA and. Say Y here to compile support for HCI BCSP protocol. Config BT_HCIUART_LL.

USB Direct USB connection. BCSP Blue Core Serial Protocol. H4 H4 serial protocol. 3WIRE 3WIRE protocol (not implemented).

-d Specify a particular device to operate on. If not specified, default is the first available HCI device or /dev/ttyS0 for serial transports.

Bcsp Blue Core Serial Protocol