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Have you ever wondered who those people are in the coffee shop with all the scary clown makeup on, or why your co-worker is dressed like a squirrel? Wander in ignorance no more with this handy guide to the subcultures of the world. The requirements of being listed as a subculture are thus: 1) The general populace must not have known of your existence until the invention of the Internet; 2) You must collectively possess a number of typical characteristics including specific tastes in music, movies, and a signature beverage; 3) There must be a CSI or Law & Order episode depicting everyone in your group as violent lunatics. Prepare to get subcultured: FURRIES. Furries are categorized by their obsession with anthropmorphic human-animal hybrid characters, such as Gadget Hackwrench, Minerva Mink, or O.G. The more obsessed among them dream up an alternate avatar for themselves called a 'fursona' -- don't look at me, I didn't name it -- and create a costume resembling it.

The alternate-reality software Second Life is, believe it or not, still in operation -- mainly because of Furries. It's full of them now, as it's one of the few places they can look like they wish they did. Also see: Deviantart.

It gets stranger. Travel deeper into the rabbit hole and you'll find the 'Otherkin,' a subculture within a subculture of people who literally think they're anthropomorphic fur-creatures born in the wrong body. They claim they were actually meant to be dragons, gremlins, Oompa-Loompas or other mythical creatures, and wish the world was similar. You'll know one of them obtained the Dragon Balls if you all wake up one morning with whiskers and a prehensile tail.

While the obsession with anthropomorphism can be kink-based, only about 5% of all the Furries in the world engage in the kind of lurid activities modern man assumes all of them do. Contrary to popular belief, a fursuit isn't created for dry-humping, as they are much too cumbersome for that (.I know this because I heard about it, all right?) Furries can be found at specialized conventions taking place across the hall from children's volleyball tournaments. The difference in preference may make socialization a bit awkward at times, but don't be hatin' up in here. Your neighborhood Furry is harmless, friendly, and also a cat. Program To Bleep Out Swearing. The phenomenon of Bronies can be traced back to professionally paid Internet troll Amid Amidi -- yes, the whole thing is his fault. When The Hub announced a new cartoon show based on My Little Pony, Amid freaked out, fearing the re-domination of 80's style toy-based cartoons. In fact, he literally declared that moment THE DEATH of creator-driven animation.

The cartoon fandom section of 4Chan read it, laughed, then watched the show anyway. The first season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic was helmed by Lauren Faust, wife of Craig McCracken who created Powerpuff Girls and Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. Both Craig and Lauren are highly talented people who are good at creating compelling, entertaining shows out of concepts that sound dopey on paper. At first people were just pretending to like it to annoy Amid, but then they started actually liking it. Then more people came in figuring the whole thing was a joke, but wound up also sucked into Lauren's spell. Then it just kept spreading from there. Serial Key Photoshop Cs3 there.