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Akkamahadevi vachanas are more poetic than others. Vachana sahitya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vachana sahitya is a form of rhythmic writing in Kannada (see also Kannada poetry) that evolved in the 1. Sarvagna vachanagalu in kannada pdf. Sarvagna vachanagalu in kannada pdf. Akka Mahadevi - Vachana. Popular Cities; Bangalore. Basavanna vachanagalu in kannada pdf. Contoh Rancangan Proposal Skripsi Tentang Akuntansi. 156 videos in pages. Basavanna vachanagalu in kannada VOL 1 Vachana Nirvachana. Akkamahadevi Vachana.

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A popular vachana (poem) composed by Akka Mahadevi Akka Mahadevi (ಅಕ್ಕ ಮಹಾದೇವಿ) (c. Program Za Pravljenje Rasporeda. 1130-1160) was one of the early female poets of the and a prominent personality in the movement of the 12th century. Her 430 extant poems (a form of spontaneous mystical poems), and the two short writings called Mantrogopya and the Yogangatrividhi are considered her most notable contribution to. She composed relatively fewer poems than other saints of the movement. Yet the term Akka ('elder Sister'), which is an honorific given to her by great Veerashaiva saints such as A big at all, Siddharama and Allamaprabhu is an indication of her contribution to the spiritual discussions held at the 'Anubhava Mantapa' [ ]. She is in hindsight seen as an inspirational woman for and the history of Karnataka. She is known to have considered the god ('Chenna Mallikarjuna') as her husband, (traditionally understood as the 'madhura bhava' or 'madhurya' form of devotion). Akka Mahadevi was born in, near in the Indian state of.