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Solar energy is certainly an energy source worth exploring and utilizing because of the environmental protection it offers. However, the conversion efficiency of solar energy is still low. If the photovoltaic panel perpendicularly tracks the sun, the solar energy conversion efficiency will be improved.

Atomic Pc Pad Converter Pca.13 DriverAtomic Pc Pad Converter Pca.13 Drivers

In this article, we propose an innovative method to track the sun using an image sensor. In our method, it is logical to assume the points of the brightest region in the sky image representing the location of the sun. Then, the center of the brightest region is assumed to be the solar-center, and is mathematically calculated using an embedded processor (Raspberry Pi). Finally, the location information on the sun center is sent to the embedded processor to control two servo motors that are capable of moving both horizontally and vertically to track the sun.

In comparison with the existing sun tracking methods using image sensors, such as the Hough transform method, our method based on the brightest region in the sky image remains accurate under conditions such as a sunny day and building shelter. The practical sun tracking system using our method was implemented and tested. The results reveal that the system successfully captured the real sun center in most weather conditions, and the servo motor system was able to direct the photovoltaic panel perpendicularly to the sun center. In addition, our system can be easily and practically integrated, and can operate in real-time. It is inevitable that human beings will face the exhaustion of fossil energy sources. Finding an alternative energy source that can satisfy global demand for energy is one of the most crucial and critical challenges that today’s society faces. Solarwinds Engineers Toolset V11 Keygen Torrent. The structures of the solar panels can be identified by the fixed structure and solar tracking structure.

The solar tracking structure is not essential for the operation of a solar panel, but without it, the performance is reduced. Experiments show that photovoltaic (PV) panels with sun-tracking structures are able to generate 20%~50% more electricity than those with a fixed structure [,,]. Solar tracking can be implemented by using one-axis, or for greater accuracy, two-axis sun-tracking systems. High-concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) systems can only accept direct solar light, and the acceptance angle deviation from the Sun will lead to a significant decrease in energy conversion efficiency. Therefore, a highly accurate and stable solar tracker is especially important to obtain maximum power for an HCPV system []. However, if the solar trackers can increase energy efficiency of PV arrays, some problems, such as cost, reliability, energy consumption, weather and maintenance may arise and counteract the benefits of the solar tracker.

Basically, solar-tracking systems are classified into two categories: passive (mechanical) and active (electrical) trackers []. Passive solar-tracking systems are based on the thermal expansion of chemicals (usually Freon) or on shape memory alloys. Eins Zwo Sport Download. This kind of solar-tracking system is usually composed of a couple of actuators which work against each other. Under equal illumination, the solar-tracking system will be balanced. If the actuators are illuminated under different conditions, unbalanced forces will be generated to rotate the panel perpendicular to the point where the sun is located for realizing new equal illumination.

Birt Rcp Designer 2.3 2 Download Birt-rcp-report-designer-2_3_2. Traditionally, active trackers can be classified as microprocessor and electro-optical sensor-based, PC-controlled date and time-based, auxiliary bifacial solar cell-based and a combination of these three systems. Nevertheless, from the viewpoint of control, the active solar-tracking systems can be realized as open loop or closed loop control systems [,]. Regarding an open loop control system, the trajectories of sun movement relative to the Earth can be precisely predetermined. Thus, there is no need for feedback to the tracking system. However, such systems need electronic and mechanical systems with high-precision, and lack the mechanism to automatically modify tracking errors [,,]. Thus, if a solar power system is constructed on a mobile platform like vehicles and ships, the open loop control system will not be appropriate for satisfying the need for continuing modification of tracking parameters in such systems. With respect to the closed loop system, it usually uses photo sensors, such as light-dependent resistors or photodiodes, as feedback signals, and then sends these signals to control circuits to establish the approximate position of the sun [,,].