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A YouTube to MP3 converter lets you download a YouTube video as an, a perfect solution if all you want out of a video is the audio. You can then make a ringtone out of the YouTube video, add the MP3 to your music collection, etc. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of free YouTube to MP3 converters out there that you can pick from, but not all are created equal. Some YouTube converters are really slow at converting and downloading and others are full of ads or confusing to use. The list we’ve compiled below includes only the best YouTube to MP3 converters, each with their own set of unique features, plus a few other ways to get audio out of a YouTube video that you might not have seen before. Tip: Once you get the MP3 from the YouTube video, you can then use a to save it to for an iPhone ringtone, or any other audio format you want.

Note: Dedicated YouTube to MP3 converters do not include the audio from advertisement content. Ads are entirely separate from videos and so are not included when you convert a video to MP3 or any other audio/video format. Is It Legal to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3? Frankly: yes and no. Downloading videos from YouTube or extracting audio from YouTube videos is 100% safe and legal only if it's your original content that you’re downloading (you're the original creator and uploader of the video) or you have written permission from the person or group that owns the right to the video. Another way you can get free content from YouTube is if the uploader includes an official download link or if the content is in the public domain.

Just wondering what the audio quality difference is between a Youtube song (Vevo for example) vs the song that you could find on Spotify or other services. That starts with a 'p', but lets not touch on that. Windows Se7en Activator Extreme Loader 3.503. The music I got from that service is 64kbps, so obviously the best high quality stuff there is out there.

What this means, of course, is that you cannot legally use YouTube as your own personal music collection source, freely downloading songs without permission from videos uploaded by others, even if they're for your own personal use and you don't plan on sharing them with friends. Tip: If it's free music you're after, see our list for some legitimate ways to download free music. GenYouTube is easily the best way to convert YouTube videos to MP3 if you want to get it done quickly. Chinon Lens Serial Number there. It doesn’t ask you any questions, downloads are fast, and you can even get started from the YouTube video. There are three ways to use this website: either a) visit the GenYouTube site and paste the URL to the video, b) open GenYouTube and search for the video there, or c) visit the page on YouTube and edit the, adding the word gen right before the word youtube (e.g.

Once you’re on the download page for that video, just click or tap MP3 from the list of options to immediately start downloading an MP3 version of the YouTube video. Depending on the video, GenYouTube supports a few other audio and video formats too, including,,, and.

For most of you, this is simply the easiest way to extract audio from a YouTube video. The YouTube audio downloader at is another website like GenYouTube but it has a few extra options you might like. To get started quickly without any customizations, just paste the YouTube URL, hit CONVERT, and then choose DOWNLOAD on the next page. However, if you pick the More Options button before converting the video, you have the option of adjusting the volume, a pretty useful feature if the audio in the original video is too loud or quiet. Just move the volume slider to the left to make it quieter or to the right for a louder MP3.

The drop-down menu at also lets you pick the bitrate you want the MP3 to be in - 256 KB or 320 KB (higher is usually better). There are other audio formats you can save the video to as well, like, M4A,, and, plus video formats like MP4 and 3GP.

Another really useful feature that drove us to include this YouTube to MP3 converter in this list is the built-in splicer. After converting the video, select EDIT FILE to pick out a section of the video that should be converted to MP3 (or any other supported format), a perfect option if you plan on making a ringtone.

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3. If you want a full-fledged desktop program to extract and convert YouTube videos to MP3, MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter is the very best option for Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu. There are several exceptional features that no other program or service in this list has, and lots of really specific options you can fiddle with to personalize the program and make it work exactly how you like.

Batch downloads and multi-link importing are supported so that you can queue up and download more than one MP3 file at once. Pair that with the 'Start download automatically' option and you'll be downloading tons of YouTube MP3s in no time.