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Ice Maker Troubleshooting Ice maker troubleshooting is always easier when you have the service manual for the machine. Since you're already on line, why not visit your ice machine manufacturer's web site and get the service manual for your machine?

You'll find Manitowoc service manuals at the you'll find Iceomatic service manuals at the you'll find Scotsman service manuals at the and you'll find Hoshizaki service manuals at The service manual provides crucial information about the and electrical controls, so there's no reason to hesitate about breaking it open during service calls. If the customer asks what you're reading, show him or her the steps in the manual, and explain that following the factory recommended ice maker troubleshooting procedure step by step helps make sure you don't miss anything, helps you identify the problem quickly, and helps get the repair finished efficiently, which reduces labor costs. If you can't get the manual, all of the newer machines I've worked on have had a good set of explanations somewhere, on the front cover, or in the control panel area, about what the indicator lights mean with regards to what part of the operational cycle the machine is in, or what error code is being displayed.

If the indicator lights are working, and if you can find the legend that explains what they mean, they'll at least point you in the direction of what part of the machine is malfunctioning. If your ice maker troubleshooting call is for a machine that isn't running at all, be sure to ask the owner or operator what type of problem they might have been having with the machine before it stopped, then check the disconnect or outlet for power. Apk Untuk Mengubah Format File Jpg.

If there's no power at the disconnect or outlet, check the breaker or fuse(or fuses). If the breaker tripped or a fuse blew, you'll have to use an ohmmeter and check the wiring and electrical components for a ground or short.

If you find a failed part, good job! Replace the part, inspect the rest of the machine to see if it's actually in good enough condition to run, verify that the power supplied to the machine is correct, then give it a test run. Otherwise, if there's power at the disconnect but it was turned off, or if the machine was un-plugged, ask the owner why. If the machine was disconnected because it just wasn't running right, the next step of this ice maker troubleshooting call will be to open the panels up and do a quick, thorough visual inspection.