Carrom Board Flash Game

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Game Name Game Instruction Take turns to play with computer or a friend to pocket the chosen colour pieces on the carom board. A turn consists of one or more strikes. A player wins by pocketing all of the pieces of their chosen colour first.

Flash Board GameCarrom Board Flash Game Free Download For Pc

Sinking the striker will cost you one piece. After pocketing the red colour piece, you must sink any of your carom men, covering it in the next shot, or else red colour piece will be returned back to the center point of the board.

Game Control Use mouse to play. For each strike, position the striker on the baseline OR on one of the two circles at either end of the baseline. Before striking, click & drag the hand to select the power and then release it to pocket the piece. Tags • • • • • • • •. HELP If games not loading, please try In Chrome • At top right corner click three dots. • Select Settings • At the bottom, click Advanced • In 'Privacy and security', Click Content settings • Click Flash • Turn on Allow sites to run Flash • Turn on Ask first. Also do in Chrome • Click Lock or Info on the web address • Go to Flash • Select Always allow on this site • Reload the page In Mozilla • Click red icon on the web address • Click Allow now, if you want for just once • Click Allow and Remember, if you want for permanently Note: The Google Chrome browser comes with the Flash player pre-installed automatically.

This is a 3D Carrom Board game where you can play against the Computer or your friend. You can play the game with top view of the Carrom Board or with perspective view. There are 9 coins for each player and there are various number of rounds. Welcome to this classic game of fun and amusement. With nine black and white soldiers, trying to catch in the queen, Carrom Games are sure exciting online games to.

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Free Carrom board online games, Full Board, Soccer Board, Board Balance, Chinese Board, Free Board, board ninja, Aliens the Board Game. Description: A new pool game.carrom style! Instructions: Clear the board by using the left-mouse button to aim and shoot. Do it fast and make few mistakes for a top.

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After clicking on ' PLAY' button, if you prefer to pass all explanations, click on 'SKIP' button. Click on 'PLAY WITH COMPUTER' for single play and 'TWO PLAYERS' to play with your friends. Write your names and start the game.

Game is played with 'MOUSE' for all two players. Place your shooting ball where you want and click left.

After click left, the more you drag the more you shoot faster. Dave Elman Hypnotherapy Pdf more. The man who success to insert at least one ball plays again. If you insret the black ball, one of you inserted before -if exists- removes out. After you insert all balls, you need to insret the red one to complete the game. You should set your hand's angle good, in this funny game.