Cellos Software Shares

Cellos Singapore Share Scandal Heads to Court We covered this story from the beginning, and now it is time to say “we told you so”. As we reported, after snatching control of the company the new Cellos Board of Directors fired up the printing press and issued over 300 million new shares to selected investors, and explained the shareholders who suffered severe dilution and drop in share price that “there was no requirement for the Company to obtain shareholder approval to proceed with these capital raisings”. The new 5c raise was a major drop from the $25 the was being sold at just before the new board seized power in what is said to be a complete fraudulent action. Interestingly enough, a number of influential Singaporeans have purchased the highly discounted shares at $0.05c in the questionable raise, well aware of the fact that: – Cellos Board did not generate any new revenue since taking over – Share price crashed from formerly 25 per share to today a ridiculous 0.05c – Ongoing investigations by Singapore and Australian Authorities.

Sep 11, 2017 - The company says one use of its technology is to replace expensive hardware at mobile phone base stations with software, saving telco operators vast. Documents before the court paint a picture of a thriving grey market in Singapore for shares in CellOS, which is registered in Australia as an unlisted. Vcds 11 11 Download Crack Free.


The below listed investors are all highly educated and financially savvy. Why would such investors put significant sums of money in a company which such questionable track record??? Mhc Industrial Tones Synth Vsti V1.5-amplify. We are yet to hear from the shareholders as to what they were promised from the company.

A selection of these investors includes: – Inderjit Singh – a former member of the Parliament, invested 250,000 – Aje Saigal – former executive at GIC (Government of Singapore Investment Corporation) – Paramjeet Singh Bhalla (Peter) – Trader, invested around USD 1 million – Vlad – Russian investor who works at IFC in HK for an investment bank invested around USD 1 million. – Constance Peck – Director of Cellos, invested over USD 2 million – Janifer Yeo-Tan – Chairman of Cellos, invested over USD 2 million – Etc. It seems the circle of those involved in the mass dilution scheme is wider than expected and includes a number of influential people who are now being accused by other shareholders of potentially using their connections and influence to shield off any investigations and ensure the party can go on for the illegitimate Board. With the large number of new shares being issued recently, the majority of existing shareholders who was left out from the raise have now been entirely diluted and robbed off their voting power!

Cellos Software Shares