Cod4 Custom Maps Without Mod

Nothing I have tried has worked, the error I get it 'could not load (map). A mod is required for custom maps.' I launch cod4>load codjumper mod>/g_gametype cj>/map mp_(___) It does nothing just sits there. I have also tried on a LAN sever I made, cj mod, same error. I have the.iwd file maps in the mod. Jun 30, 2016 - As some of the maps to the Leetmod are becoming more difficult to find (Or at least all over the internet randomly), I was willing to pack all the playable custom maps into one ZIP file so that others can be able to play the maps without having to find.

Cod4 Multiplayer Maps

Et Geowizards 10 2 Keygen Free. I have a problem and i can't find a solution. I play cod4 in LAN with another friend and use custom maps.The custom maps are stored in the folder usermaps. I load them only with modwarfare mod. When the server loads the first custom map the client (second pc) in the LAN loads it too and we can play together. When the server loads the second map the client is dowloading the map without ending eventhough the map exist in both pc's in usermaps folder. This is happening every time the server loads a second map. The only way to bypass this problem is for the server to exit the game completely, enter the game again and load the new map.

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