Drop Patch L2 Interlude Interface

Home Game Patch Notes Glory Days Interface and System. The interface of the in-game L2 Store has been. Miscellaneous Interface and System. Jan 31, 2018 LINEAGE 2 NOVA INTERFACE Rafael. Deep Ze Serial Key 8.23. SILVER RANGER OLYMPIAD GAMES [ROA SIDE, DEADZ 2.0 PATCH] (WITH. Lineage 2 Interlude.

9 / 3500 My contacts: - skype: xxxaruxxx1 (xDarkDelux) Changed the interface design, added 2 panel shortcuts (6 panels), expanded inventory (expands on button). Additions: auto enchant auto refinery auto target auto potion auto enchant skills farm bot pvp bot counting the damage on Olympiad new status bar profession of player and button of invite in a party in the window of target display of player skills ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more info you can watch on this topic in. Circuit Theory By Gangadhar Download. gif files (not advertising): Edited March 14, 2017 by rottor.

Drop Patch L2 Interlude InterfaceDrop Patch L2 Interlude Interface