Hd Loader Ps2 Fat Swap

I've seen quite a few threads asking about what you need to play games from the HDD, so I've decided to compile a tutorial for anyone who has question about this. Welly my transfer rate was pretty sow also.but i dont usb 2 so that migh be the case anyhow i am still having an issue here. I ot everything done.i formatted the hd loaded the iso's burned the hd loader HDL_8B_CD and it boots up fine sees my hd just fine and i select the game and then it just stays black after that.can someone help me.thanks this is what i have.. Date added: 2004-12-14 Posted by: DeLL_LuiZ Brand: Maxtor Firmware: N/A Model number: 6L080J4 Manufacture date: N/A Model name / serie: DiamondMaxPlus Buffersize: 2 MB Drive size: 80 GB RPM: 7200 PS2 version: v10 Progam(s): HD Loader & DMS Explorer Adaptor model: Ethernet and Modem Fitting: Yes Working: Yes. Very nice Document and i did every thing what it said over here but I am getting an error ERROR:failed to mount filesystem:hdd0 P.HDL.Pirates of Cariban-5 Here what i did (1) Connect my HDD to PC and format using Winzip 1.7.6 in full pmode. (2) Add the image using winhzip. (3) Connect the HDD back to PS2 ( change the jumper setting). Download Free Gang Starr Instrumentals Download.

Ps2 Hd Loader Compatibility

(4) Boot the PS2 using MC exploit. (5) PS2 boot succsssfully and using PS2Menu and the next screen said the above error. Is i am doing some thing wrong. Please help me. If you're only using your PS2 to play games off HDD, can you leave the HDAdvance disc in your PS2 indefinitely?

I don't see any reason why you'd need to remove the disc, save perhaps trying to run other homebrew apps. Will this be a problem for the system? Also, does it put that much strain on the PS2 laser to read HDadvance. I would think the burden is far less than playing any store bought PS2 game. Further question, would I need to remove the disc if I wanted to play some of my games online? Dan168 writes: 'Depending on whether you have a modchip/swap magic or not, you need HDLoader or HDAdvance 3.0 (pressed version of HDLoader 0.7c). However I'd suggest that you get swap magic instead of HDAdvance if you don't have a modchip/swap magic, because you can do more with swap magic than HDAdvance.'

Dec 31, 2017 - Download Hd Loader Ps2 Fat Vs Slim. This can be SWAP MAGIC V3.6 discs or a mod chip. Swap magic is the cheaper way to do this and you don't void your warranty. Does the disk needs to be formatted for the USBADVANCE logo to show up? Cuz i have a USBADVANCE Image on my computer, I tested. How to play Playstation 2 ROMS from the internal hard drive on the phat PS2 using the network adapter.

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