Installer Le Patch Fr Borderlands 2

EDIT/UPDATE: 7/3/2017 We are now at Version 3.1 of this wonderful effort! Over 270 fabulous changes and additions to this game! Here is the patch itself along with an offline version of the patch: Credit and THANKS g. Manage your page to keep your users updated View some of our premium pages: Upgrade to a Premium Page. Installer Le Patch Fr Borderlands 2.


Beginning of original post: I have run this by the mods to insure we are OK with this. They have agreed as long as we: • Discuss patch as a PC only patch (unfortunately, discussing it as a console patch breaks ToS with Microsoft and Sony) • Realize TOTALLY that GB had NOTHING to do with this effort and take NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER • Comments are to provide KNOWLEDGE, HELP and INPUT of any problems and SUGGESTIONS to the authors for improvement. • We keep this professionalcomments like “this sucks for console owners” are meaningless, the situation is what it is. • As in all patches of this nature, the author takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage you do to your game. I have experienced ZERO PROBLEMS of any sort, but the old truism is in effect. OK, with that in mind, I have already mentioned the locations of the proper files above.

Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia Interlinear Pdf Editor there. It takes just a wee bit of patience to install it but once done you have the OPTION to play with the patch active or totally normal gameplay. It does not harm game files in any fashion from my testing and I applaud the effort! It is REALLY QUITE CLEVER.

The Author (shadowevila.k.a. Earth 2160 Activation Keygen. Craig) has done a VERY careful job of ENHANCING the game and not breaking it with a bunch of OP Evil Smasher like crap.