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Hello, sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm completely new to Linux and a lot of things are rather confusing to me if someone could please help I'd most appreciative! I'm having some problems with graphics drivers. Well, from what I understand, Mint will automatically install the correct drivers for you, though I'm not sure if I have the correct/latest drivers for my (terrible) 945GM graphics. If I try to run something in Wine, then it would either be really blocky, very slow, or just not run at all. If I try to run a native Linux game (Warsow for example), I still get the same problems. I've tried to download and install (what I believe is) the correct drivers (from here: ), but I'm really not understanding how to install them. I think I need to use the terminal?

Torrent Nfs Underground 2 Pc Iso Games here. Jan 6, 2018 - Gen 3, 915G/GM, 945G/GM, G/Q33, Q35, Atom D4xx/D5xx/N4xx/N5xx, 1.4, No, No, No, No, intel i915. Gen 4, 965G/GM/Q, G35, G41, G/Q43, G/GM/. Systems using Kaby Lake, Skylake or Broxton Intel graphics will need to install the sys-kernel/linux-firmware package: root # emerge --ask sys-kernel/linux-.

But as I say, I'm incredibly inexperienced with it. This might be causing other problems too, as Mint is running just a tad bit slower than how I thought it would. Would installing these drivers help? And if so, how do I do so?

And if it helps, here's what I'm using: Toshiba Satellite laptop dual booting with Mint 8 (main) and Vista Intel 945 GM graphics T2080 dual core (1.7 Ghz) 2 GB ram. Keywords: Linux, Laptop, Graphics, Resolution, Display, Mirror, External, Monitor, Performance ISSUE(s): 1.

Poor performance of graphically intensive applications. External Monitor Resolution is limited, or low. SOLUTION(s): 1.

The hardware is too slow(old/crappy) to achieve the desired rendering performance for this application. 97% of the time, recent Linux distribution releases will include drivers adequate to run your hardware. As mentioned previously, this can be checked easily by running 'inxi -G' from the command line. Control Center >Display Preferences, Uncheck 'Mirror screens'. Select the notebook display and disable it if desired, then increase the resolution of the external monitor.

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