Jumpstart 1st Grade 2000

• Bonnie Bright • Pascal Baudar • Jeanne Brinker • Todd Hoff • Adrienne Medrano • Jennifer Terry Voyetra Technologies, Mark Beckwith Series Broadway Interactive Animation System, Release September 4, 1995 Mode(s) JumpStart 1st Grade (known as Jump Ahead Year 1 in the United Kingdom) is a personal computer game created by in 1995 intended to teach a curriculum. It was updated significantly in 2000 and was replaced by in 2002, which was later replaced. The original 1995 version (also referred to as the Classic Version) was the first appearance of Frankie, a brown, dog who would go on to become the of the series. Download Eboot Bin Ps3 3 559. Contents • • • • Gameplay [ ] The 1995 version of the game consisted of an interactive schoolhouse full of educational activities, songs, and the like, with Frankie the in charge of guiding the player around. Playing activities earned points, which could eventually be traded in for milk cap rewards. The classic version contains the voiceover and singing talents of Mark Beckwith of Razzle Bam Boom and including the songs JumpStart First Grade, Vegetable ABCs, If You Were My Friend, Reading is Fun, Zero is Nothing, My Week at Sea, and He's Frankie.

JumpStart 1st Grade (known as Jump Ahead Year 1 in the United. It was updated significantly in 2000 and was replaced JumpStart Advanced 1st Grade in 2002. Build Essential 1st Grade SkillsChildren discover 18 fun-filled activities that teach geography science early reading prehension music and more! Adjustable levels of difficulty Motivating reward system Progress reportsSystem Requirements:Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP Pentium II 233 MHz or faster 32 MB RAM (64 MB RAM.

The 2000 version was based on a similar concept with Frankie taking on a more student-like role, and picking the player to be his partner in the school treasure hunt. Playing games now earned the player clues to help the user find the treasure. There are four sides in the hallway to go somewhere. Two are outside areas and two are inside areas.

Jumpstart 1st Grade 2000

The four sides are a classroom, a cafeteria, field trips, and a playground. The player earns 100 points to earn a milk cap. There are 30 caps in green, 30 caps in red, 20 caps in blue, and 20 caps in yellow. 60 milk caps are colored in Christmas and 40 milk caps are colored in UCLA. Reception [ ] Reception Review score Publication Score A reviewer from Superkids recommended the game from younger players, who would not become bored from the repetitive tasks and activities. References [ ].