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I'm the kind of guy who enjoys mindless action movies as well as movies that are intelligent,sensitive&thought-provoking.Lakshya falls in the latter category. Farhan Akhtar has shown it once again! This man is amazingly creative and magical. His style is great and his efforts of making a movie which has something to be learnt from is fantastic. His movies are not just for entertainment, but also for inspiration. Lakshya is story of a boy who hasn't an aim, a LAKSHya in his life. He doesn't know what he wants to be or what he is good.

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Karan Shergill played by Hrithik Roshan (a very sincere actor) is like any other person who wants to know what he wants to be. Inspired by his friend he applies for military school and joins it and then his journey of becoming a MAN from a BOY starts. Performances: Hrithik Roshan: Great performance, just awesome. This actor is the brightest actor in Bollywood today. His performance in KMG was highly appreciated and this performance is on par with his KMG act. Om Puri: great actor.

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Some of the really great dialogs were given to him. He is a living legend. Amitabh Bachchan: Great performance, His eyes and silence in the movie say a lot more than words. Preity Zinta: good performance, the character wasn't well-sketched but still good efforts from her side in some of the scenes. Sushant Singh: This actor is superb, one more under-rated great performance of him after his awesome acting in TLOBS. Boman Irani: This man is good in everything. His telephone scene with Hrithik Roshan was great.

One of the best scenes in the movie. Overall: A very well-made movie. Great acting by almost everyone in the cast.

Great choreography, great cinematography and fantastic direction. Keep it up Hrithik, Farhan and Ritesh (the young producer) 9.5/10 Almost perfect. Before watching this movie, I thought it is some indo-pak war film. But after watching it became one of my personal favorite. Lakshya is absolutely fantastic.

The movie has a very good story and the director has done a very good job. Priety and Rhitik acted magnificently. The songs are very melodious and really make sense to the movie. The movies is picturized brilliantly with the optimum use of special effects. Few scenes from Kargil are truly breathtaking. Its a family entertainer which has everything for everyone. You got to be either a fool or a pro-pakistani to hate this movie.

I am rating it as 10 out 10, because it deserves that. I wish to see more movies like this in future.

Finally Bollywood came up with a nice war movie, featuring then ever charming big Bacchan and the heartthrob Hritik. The movie makers surely consulted some service personnel before getting into production. And that was well seen. The tracer bullets, the accuracy of the weapons,uniforms,officer to me relation and other such things were absolutely realistic and stunning.

The insurgent chase in the grasses, the rock climbing, the final battle and most important the IMA training were absolutely 9.9 / 10. Way to go Farhan and his team. This movie is definitely a hit, at least in my home.

The support actors were great in their job, specially Sushant and Om Puriji. Bachan sahib doing that 'we've done it' was exhilarating after they won back Peak 5179. The portrayal of the soldiers couldn't have been better. Shankar Ehsan and Loy,what else can i say other than you are great? Awesome movie. Preity Zinta was not actually required so much, it looked quiet unnecessary. Atresia Das Vias Biliares Pdf there. Absolutely fantastic.

Hrithik Roshan is brilliantly understated in this coming-of-age epic. World-class production values and high father-son, soldier-soldier emotional content that's not forced (Like the overdone mess LOC).

The war scenes were brilliant. People must remember, this film was NOT BASED ON KARGIL. Akhtar took the war as a backdrop to show Karan's transformation - his path from irresponsible and misguided childhood to manhood. This film was quite an experience. I just can't understand how this flopped (If grossing 22 Crores in India can be termed 'poor box office performance'). Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 Ps2 Iso here. Man, my countrymen really take the cake. Garbage like Veer Zaara (Stunning locales, beautiful people, and amazing music, but overall POOR in terms of content) and Kal Ho Na Ho are lapped up by audiences, but Yuva and Lakshya are rejected completely.