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Black Ops 2 Campaign Missing Files Nov 21, 2012 So after finishing the campaign level with the Russian assault and the horses and the next level I come to in the campaign does not open but an error message is displayed 'Couldn't find the bsp for this map please build the fast file associated with maps/mp/mp_drone.d3dbsp' and therefore cannot continue playing the story. Similar Messages: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ADVERTISEMENT Mar 11, 2011 I have likeimg0000.pngimg0001.pngimg0002.pngtcup tp 5000Do you know a program which can search for missing files in this row?

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Jul 31, 2011 It is a packard bell with windows 7, bought from a large electrical chain, so no support there -it didnt have a restore disk but I have downloaded one, and also made one from daughters laptop. The screen is black with white warning saying BOOTMGR is missing, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart, When i do this the same happens. I have pressd F12 and booted from downloaded disk.first i get a black screen saying windows loading. Then a grey box tha says system recovery options and keyboard input method - a drop down option - i choose united kingdom and hit next. Jan 16, 2012 When I make a backup copy of a dvd the ISO image is set to be saved to the C drive, yet when it's complete there is no trace of it. I've also tried saving it to specific folders and it never turns up there. I've tried searches and no results are found. Logmx Cracker here.

Sep 29, 2011 Norton, malwarebytes, and spybot have all come up with nothing whatsoever, all fully updated.The laptop was running slow, so the user attempted to run Norton for a virus scan. Halfway through the scan, norton crashed. The user looked into the Norton program files to see that the directory folder was completely empty. He then called me.I attempted to uninstall norton, but windows wouldn't allow the uninstall. The program showed up on the list of installed programs, but upon clicking 'uninstall', nothing would happen.

So, I downloaded and installed RevoUninstaller and used it to remove Norton. I left the registry unchanged, and only deleted the temporary files and remaining program directory. The computer asked me to reboot. Upon rebooting, every single file in my program files AND in my program files x86 are gone. Desktop links are all broken, and ask to be deleted when double clicking. When I go into the uninstall program list, all the programs are listed, but error when I attempt to uninstall or change them.The laptop is running Windows 7 pro x64, and I am currently copying program files from previous versions into the present directory to see if this fixes the problem, and will update accordingly Oct 26, 2010 When I right-click a.reg file, Open rather than Merge appears in the popup list. /mapsmpmpdroned3dbsp-file.html Jun 22, 2011 I am missing well over 1000 files.

'Couldn't find the bsp for this map. Please build the fast file associated with maps/mp/mp_drone.d3dbsp '.

A good deal of those are.gif files. When I go to the child folder they were in, it is empty as are all the child folders. When I use Windows Search to search the parent folder for *. Colorado Drivers License Previous Type N. gif, the results show 1000 of the files in the child folder they were in. They appear with the Irfanview icon, which is the default viewer and a.gif extension.

They are way too small, >users file my old user account isnt there, while the public account is. I checked my disk usage and the whopping 129gb chunk of information that was my user account still exists somewhere, taking up space in a place I cant see.

Furthurmore, I unticked the 'read only' box in the file properties of the whole windows.old file and while watching the names of all the affected subfolder and files whip by I caught glances of windows.old/user/xxxxx/music, pictures etc. So theyre obviously still there, just in a much less digitally tangible way. I can possibly retrieve these files?

May 9, 2009 I got an installation disk that actually has files on it and show up on my computer but I have a new problem now in which an error shows up saying that some of the neccesary files are not being found which is really unfortunate. The error code I am getting is:Ox80070017 Oct 22, 2009 I get a message that I cannot install Windows 7 uograge to my HP laptop which is running Vista. I get a messsage that files are missing but no explanation of what files are missing. Feb 3, 2013 I am running Windows 7 Pro on a Dell T3400. My question concerns Media Center. I have a bunch of mp3 files I renamed. Now Media Center cannot find the files.