Napco Quickloader Windows

I have Quickloader software installed, and I'm using an internal modem on Dell Lattitude & connecting directly to terminals 37 & 38 (teleco line) on a MA1016e. Game Burger Shop 3 Full Version. I get the usual modem tones, a total of 7 “Ok” each followed by a. I then arm & disarm the panel followed by pressing key 6 (per the instructions, but it just sits there till the line times out. I get 70 bytes downloaded, 0 bytes uploaded. I am trying to upload the configuration by using the 'local high speed' connection, but cannot get an upload. The modem is good, and the configuration appears correct, but just cannot get it to work. I am connecting directly to the panel from the modem.

Napco Quickloader Windows Xp Download

Is there additional hardware required? Any idea what I am doing incorrect?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I installed this system in 1996 and I have all the parameters written in pencil, but would love to get this into a 'downloadable form so if I ever need to reload the panel config, I wouldn't have to enter each via keypad. Thanks in advance.

Napco Quickloader Windows

CHANGES FROM PREVIOUS EDITION. The following changes have been made to this manual (WI818B) since the last edition (WI818A). Manual format has been revised. Programming options “RF Transmitters” and “Key fob Transmitters” have been removed from Direct. Address Program Mode and are selected only in. Loader for Windows button. Note: If the installation does not auto-start, click START/RUN/Browse, point to the drive letter of the CD-ROM and double-click the drive letter. Double-click on Startup.exe and install PCD-Windows Quickloader software. When installation is complete, proceed to step b. If you already have NAPCO's.