Number System Conversion Program In C

Can you help me in C++ Programming? I'm only a 3rd year Computer Engineering Student. Not that too much proficient in C++ Programming, I need help please?

Our professor requires us to create a C++ Program by adding, multiplying, dividing and subtracting number systems. Example: Program: Enter 2 number system: User Input: a = 101010 b = 2546 Program: 101010 is? User Input: Binary Program: 2546 is? User Input: Octal Program: What Operation would you like to do? User Input: Addition then the program will automatically convert the two different number system into user's choice. Output: a = 101010 a(Binary) = 101010 a(Octal) =? A(Decimal) =?

Subscribe: Download App: Website: http://www.easytuts4you. Dr Dre Greatest Hits Rar. Oct 2, 2010 - Can some one please recommend me a link or the code for converting binary to decimal, hexadecimal and.

File Conversion Programs

A(Hexadecimal) =? B = 2546 a(Binary) =? A(Octal) = 2546 a(Decimal) =? A(Hexadecimal) =? These forums do not exist to do homework or course assignments so that students can cheat and take the lazy way out. We'll be glad to help you debug your own code, or explain why specific problems are occurring in your work. We won't (generally) do your thinking, designing or coding for you.