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I finally installed this plug-in via the.plexapp method on my Mac mini (which hosts my library and runs the primary PMS) and my iMac (which I only use as a client). Everything works great on the Mac mini. The various media sections come up, and I can update 1 or all. However, even when I set the IP address or hostname in the the preferences section on the iMac, I cannot see the sections, run updates, etc. I only see 'Preferences' when I navigate to Applications >Library Updater. PLEASE IGNORE THE ABOVE - I exited Plex and PMS about 5 times, and it finally worked.

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Plex Update Library Plugin Wordpress Formulario The first option is “General”. Here you can choose a custom name for your PMS which is what will appear on any. Plex Media Server: Change the Section Icons. Stream Metal Fight Beyblade Sub Indo. 3 thoughts on “ Plex Plugins & Unsupported AppStore Plugin & Plex. CSVs out of a plex library pretty.

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