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Kiosk computers are used in a variety of different environments including laboratory classrooms, tourism centers, airport check-in areas, hardware stores, banks, and so on. Kiosks provide an interactive experience for students, travelers, and shoppers to look up information, engage in various transactions, or even perform complex scientific calculations. Kiosk computers may be terminals connected to a central server somewhere, or they may be standalone kiosks that provide a shared computing environment where each individual user has his or her own separate desktop and applications. Goodbye SteadyState. Back in the days of Windows XP, there was a kiosk mode solution available from Microsoft called Windows SteadyState that allowed you to easily turn your PC into a standalone kiosk computer. What was terrific about SteadyState (besides the fact that Microsoft gave it away for free) was that you could use it to lock down what the user was allowed to do on the computer so they couldn't mess around and break things in Windows.

SiteKioskā„¢ kiosk software (Win/Android) provides lockdown, remote maintenance and content management (Digital Signage) for your public access Internet Devices.Missing.

SteadyState also automatically discarded any changes a user made to the system during their logged-on session so that the next individual who logged on would be presented with an entirely pristine installation. While SteadyState sort of worked on Windows Vista, the next release of Microsoft Windows after Windows XP, it unfortunately didn't work on Windows 7. Microsoft looked into revamping SteadyState to make it functional on Windows 7 but in the end they decided just to issue a whitepaper explaining how you could use Group Policy and other built-in features to *almost* make something similar to SteadyState work on Windows 7. The response of the business and nonprofit community to this was basically, 'Booh!'

Microsoft apparently relented by later including a new feature called Kiosk Mode when Windows 8.1 was released. Download Software Huawei Y511 Price. But those who tried it quickly discovered that Kiosk Mode didn't enable you to set up a real kiosk computer. Basically, Microsoft has abandoned those who need a real kiosk solution that will work with modern Windows PCs. Enter third parties to make up the difference. Let's look briefly at some solutions currently available in the marketplace that can turn even a Windows 10 PC into a real kiosk.

SiteKiosk SiteKiosk Windows by Provisio is one of the most popular kiosk solutions available for computers running Windows. It lets you fully lock down the Windows operating system and web browser (both Internet Explorer and Chrome) so individuals who use the computer can't make undesirable changes to its configuration. By using SiteKiosk you can replace the Windows shell with your own custom shell, schedule a reboot or session reset after a specified period of idle time, display the web browser in fullscreen mode, run only programs you have allowed, and implement other much-needed features for a Windows-based kiosk. The product is available in three versions (Basic, Plus, and Non-Profit) at a reasonable cost, and the Plus version includes such features as payment device support and charging for PC usage. Full details for this product are available on the.

SureLock SureLock for Windows is a kiosk solution available from 42Gears Mobility Systems Inc., a customer-focused company that has offices in both the U.S. By using SureLock you can quickly and easily convert any Windows computer or tablet into a public kiosk computer that restricts access to specific applications and websites, blocks and filters keyboard input, and implements controls to prevent accidental or malicious modification of Windows and application configuration settings.

If you need to deploy a standalone Windows computer in a location where it can't easily be serviced by your IT staff. SureLock includes support for auto-logon after system reboot and auto-launching only of selected applications at system startup. The product also lets you password-protect important system settings and even lets you disable the Windows Task Manager so 'smart' users can't mess things up. And if you need to deploy a bunch of kiosk systems you can use SureMDM, another product available from 42Gears, an enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution ideal for small to midsized business and startups. With SureMDM you can manage not only Windows systems but also devices built on the Android and iOS platforms. For more information about SureLock and other available products visit the.