Red Alert 2 Deezire 8.0

MooMan's Rules MooMan's Rules is a modification, or 'mod' for the computer game Command & Conquer: Red alert 2 and it's expansion pack Yuri's Revenge. It's primary focus is to modify the game into a more enjoyable experience for people who like to see additional units and structures to choose from in the game.

Lego Loco 1998 Pc Iso Emulator. Also you will make use of a plethoria of unused or created music, sounds and animations that never made it into the final game, sort of like an expansion pack in itself. I was attempting to model MooMan's Rules into something Westwood/EA Pacific would do in their own expansion packs, and with the limitations of the Red alert 2 engine this can be a daunting task.

This is V3. Free Download Software Hacker Facebook Terbaru Ayu. 0 of the mod. I intend this version to be the final revision and hopefully can settle down into other projects of my own while you guys enjoy what I have created. V3.0 was designed as a major overhall to combine the RA2 and YR versions of the mod into a single download that is duel compatible with both games, and attempt to make almost all gameplay additions available to both versions. I have also fixed a number of bugs reported by the fans of the mod and done a few graphical and balancing tweaks here and there to make sure the mod is as enjoyable as it can be. Don't expect too much more than the past versions additions, as I really have done all that I can to forfill the goal of creating MooMan's Rules. Mod Features: - Full duel support with Red alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge!

Red Alert 2

- More special country units/structures added! - Many obsolete maps enabled for more gaming fun! (YR Tech Expansion only) - 4 new Tech Buildings added in and many existing Westwood maps modified to include them! (Tech Expansion only) - 8 NEW skirmish and online game modes. - Includes the unique Assault Game Mode (Assault Expansion only) - Full online (Internet and LAN) compatibility!

- AI now is more of a challange, building larger forces and uses many of the new units and structures. - Enables a number of obsolete code, graphics, sounds and animations! ~MooMan65 MooMan's Rules Designer.