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Oct 4, 2010 - I have now installed the serial component >of the suite on my Ubuntu Lazarus. >As indicated there is an event for receiving the incoming data even >though that event does not tell how many characters are actually >available. So how do I know how many I can read in from the port? You don't need to. Jan 22, 2017 - LazSerial v0.2 Serial Port Component for Lazarus (windows and linux). By Jurassic Pork 03/2013 - 01/2017 This library is Free software; you can rediStribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the.

Is it possible (using Indy for example) to map a serial port to a remote server's TCP port? I have an old application that talks to a data collection system via RS232 and now the equipment has changed to remove the serial port externally and instead connect it to a WiFi AP on board. You can connect to that WiFi network and then the internal serial port data are available on port 2101 on the AP itself. I would like to create a small utility to map from a serial port to the TCP such that I do not have to start digging deep into the application code to modify the connection system there. Any suggestions? Quick Heal Antivirus Not Update on this page.

-- Bo Berglund Sweden & Texas now using XanaNews 1.20-0cfde51. And for alternatives: I see that you were the one asking the question then also And still I have found no solution. I dropped it then but now I am again trying to do it. This time around I am looking for a way to make it cross-platform too.

Trainz Driver Apk Free Download Torrent. For some of the targets I want to build in FreePascal. Note that some time ago I needed to do an Ethernet to WiFi redirector to run on a Raspberry Pi and was directed here towards an Indy component that was already doing almost exactly what I needed. So I could quickly create the utility and run it on the Raspberry Pi. Now I need a serial to WiFi in the same kind of setting but now for support of old applications.

Bo Berglund Sweden & Texas now using XanaNews 1.20-0cfde51. I suggested a solution: com0com seems NOT to to be a component or object you can use in your own sources. It looks more like a readymade utility and with a LOT of config stuff to go through. I tried doing it recently but got stucked. It is not a Delphi component but it does provide the means to fake a modem type link between two Windows PCs over an IP network and terminating in virtual COM ports for use with legacy software that expects to see such things. And, if nothing else, I expect that the source code would provide a useful example of how to write a Windows kernel-mode virtual COM port driver. Now I need a serial to WiFi in the same kind of setting but now for support of old applications.

I gather from your original post that (a) you are responsible for a client program that receives data from a data collection system (DCS) supplied by another party and (b) that the DCS has now been updated to communicate via IP and WiFi rather than the 'RS232' previously used. If so, then it seems to me that there will be two main aspects to the problem: identifying / untangling the protocol that the DCS manufacturer has used to encapsulate the collected data[1] and (ii) if you really cannot change your client program, creating a virtual COM port driver for Windows (and the equivalent for any other platform that is needed). [1] Perhaps you have documentation for the new protocol?

If the DCS is from a third party then presumably the manufacturers provide their own client program upon which you could, in extremis, use WireShark to reverse engineer the data? (Your mention of port 2101 makes me wonder if the DCS is now using something like MSMQ over RPC to wrap the data.) -- Bob Evans. I want to do it within Pascal so I have some control, but I do not know enough low level stuff to be able to do it down to the hardware. So building blocks like Indy10 and similar is what I am looking for.

The IP-related parts of the task should be fairly straightforward to achieve with Indy. But I suspect that other aspects will prove to be the more challenging. Yes, that is correct.

I have now realized that the big programming problem lies in the virtual com port task. I have tried AsyncPro with its TApdWinsockPort and TApdComPort and using these it is possible to make the mapping program. However without the virtual com port I have to use two (2) real com ports connected together by a null modem cable, not so fun.

Anyway I have a solution but cannot test it fully because where I am now I do not have any of the serial adapters for my PC available. If com0com can help out here it would be good at least during testing. The last time I saw this question come up in this newsgroup (in September 2012), Unfortunately Embarcadero crashed the newsgroup/forum so all history was lost. The possibility to create a personal archive of relevant postings is one reason why many of us choose to use NNTP to access these forums Off Topic: Right you are, I have been using NNTP with Forte Free Agent for more than a decade. At the time of the Embarcadero forum crash I had an archive of selected groups reaching back almost 10 years. But after the repair I could no longer use Free Agent (no SSH support) but had to switch to XanaNews and lost my old archive. Could of course fire it up to just search for old posts, but it seldom happens.