Ultra Vixen Pc Game

It would require some doing to take adult Japanese anime - a genre rife with schoolgirls, S/M, and robot sex - and 'push the envelope of good taste.' It would require, perhaps, the company behind such projects as the Virtual Vixens CD-ROM and Buttman's Ultimate Website.

Ultra Vixen Pc GameUltra Vixen Pc Game

And indeed that company,, has teamed with a Japanese gamemaker to produce, which it bills as the 'world's first online 3-D anime sex game.' 'We wanted to make a splash,' says Pixis' Robert Roy of the company's first foray into animated games.

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UltraVixen is basically refigured as an action-adventure game starring a doe-eyed 'college student' named Ariel. The goal is to use a variety of sex toys to induce Ariel to super-orgasms, which apparently have the power to time-warp her out of the various torture chambers - on space ships or in Nazi Germany - where she finds herself trapped. The game is available for download on the UltraVixen Web site, and it costs US$6.95 for an encryption key for seven days of play at each game level. True to the anime tradition of spreading a property over as many media as possible, Pixis also plans comic books and T-shirts. In a particularly American touch, Ariel will even become a digital centerfold in the December issue of Rage, Larry Flint's Gen-X porno magazine. The game itself, however, is likely to remain in the download ghetto, with sales of perhaps a few of the limited-edition UltraVixen CD-ROMs. Though companies like Sega have highly successful adult titles in Japan, the games aren't released in the United States, where console games are considered a children's or family market.

'[Adult] anime as a rule is violent and sexual,' explains editor Aaron Loeb. 'The only market where that could start appearing is the PC.' Despite that fact, however, Pixis is developing its own console-based space-sex adventure using the UltraVixen character.

In fact, even the relatively innocuous and extremely popular Sailor Moon had some trouble becoming a US game. Though the cartoon had spawned a handful videogames by the height of its Japanese popularity in 1995 and 1996 - each game selling in the hundreds of thousands - 3VR had to develop its just-released from scratch. 3VR's licensing agreement with Japanese publisher Dic only allowed the game to use images from the 65-episode US television version of the cartoon - in which the vaguely sexy nature of the characters has been 'toned down,' says 3VR marketing manager Danielle Stein. More rife for mainstream US exploitation, if still a little creepy, are simulation games based on the concept of raising a human being. The best-known of these games is, in which the player is granted a princess by the gods and must decide how to raise her - choosing, for example, whether to teach her dance or kung fu.

Princess Maker 3 is a big seller for PlayStation in Japan, but a US version of that game has been in troubled development for several years now. Mixx Entertainment is marketing Graduation, a game involving five girls who must be guided through high school.

Game developers are starting to realize these games' potential in the states, feels Carl Horn, associate editor of magazine. Deep Ze 2012 For Xp Sp3 there. 'If people will swallow Tamagotchi - which has some pretty bad graphics,' he says,' they might really like something that actually looks interesting.' With this kind of receptiveness in mind, Roy says Pixis is developing a 'next generation of electronic life forms,' which will live on a computer's desktop. Some of the characters may be more mainstream, he says, some more X-rated, but all will be 'something that you have to appease, that you have to please.' Ironically, beyond a certain level of explicitness, gamemakers can get away with more in the US than in Japan. UltraVixen itself had to be slightly Bowdlerized in its version for the Japanese market, where standards don't allow the portrayal of penetration or even pubic hair.