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Threshold Blog: PBEM game Threshold Blog Welcome to Threshold! This blog will focus on helping people better understand and play the Takamo play-by-email (PBEM) game. If you want to experience the joys and frustrations of a turn based PBEM, this is the place to be. Look for a new blog every Tuesday! You may also be interested in the Takamo Universe blog,, published every Thursday. The three month event will see classic yachts of all varieties race in the Dal Drift. The Calik Starsystem is gearing up for the return of the Classics Regatta, which will coincide with the Onear Festival.

With such a mixed fleet descending onto the Garrick Protostar, it is expected to be an exciting and competitive event. There are many new items that will be in orbit or moving through the stars in Takamo Universe.

Here are a few of them Historical societies across the Estra Galaxy suggest a number of dates for the beginning of the Estran Dark Times. However, the majority of historians argue for one of two periods. Stellar Clouds. If you’re a Takamo veteran, you’ve encountered more than your share of thick, billowing stellar clouds. They are the debris of nebulas and star factories. They inhibit scanners and hide whole star systems in their dusty embrace. Download Zeosdbo 6.6 6 Stable.

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Death hides in stellar clouds. Black holes and neutron stars swim in the darkness. Vast numbers of ships were built during the Naplian Campaigns and the Cyber Wars. So great was the demand for new starships that the shipyards of the warring empires found it impossible to keep up with the demand. Active Non Player Civilization (NPC) fleets have been roaming the galaxy during the entire time that the current PBEM has been running.

However, the largest fleet consisted of only 5 cutters. That changed this past month as new subroutines were added to the existing programs. The cyber rebellion brought about many changes in equipment design and application. Like any field of development there were dismal failures and monumental achievements.

The NISF were a state police of the Naplian Empire. There were three main branches within the NISF with a number of peripheral organizations. The types of Main Battle Mechs and other armored fighting vehicles that were deployed during the Naplian Campaigns and the Cyber Rebellion number in the hundreds. As we continue building starships, we are also refining and diversifying the ship frames we have. For example, the early Terran designs usually have at least four variations of the frame. Each frame has a distinct internal structure that will affect armor, speed and other intrinsic features. Many different starships are being designed for Takamo Universe.

Some of those designs are for very specific tasks such as fuel haulers and mining ships. Others are multipurpose vessels. The Origa class light cruiser is an example of the latter. The Command Center.

Your home in the Five Galaxies. This is where you will review reports, communicate with other empires, order your forces into action and issue commands to your worlds.

Military Units (MU) in Takamo Universe are divisional sized units consisting of a number of brigades. The number and type of brigades allowed in a military unit will depend on the purpose of the unit and the technology of the empire. Police units. Why in the world would there be police units in a strategic science fiction game? Because there are criminals, smugglers, pirates, guerrillas and who knows what lurking in the backwoods of alien planets. Everyone in Takamo knows what is meant by the term “Habitat Range”.