Cisco Asr 1001 License Verification

Cisco Asr 1001 X Configuration Guide

Hello, Try as I might I cant find a document that says; 'How to activate encryption on an ASR 1001' or 'activating ip advanced features' on the ASR 1001. Can anyone help please. Cisco ASR1001 System,Crypto, 4 built-in GE, Dual P/S Cisco ASR1001 4GB DRAM Cisco ASR 1000 Advanced IP Services License Cisco ASR 1001 IOS XE - ENCRYPTION UNIVERSAL IPSEC License for ASR1000 Series Upgrade from 2.5 Gbps to 5Gbps License for ASR 1001 Whats the process to activate the 2.5gbps to 5gbps feature or encryption?

Cisco ASR 1001-X Manual Online: Viewing The Cisco Ios License Level, Cisco Asr 1001-x Router License Verification. This Chapter Provides Information About. Jul 28, 2014 - Fan Failures 5-18. Reporting Functions 5-18. Cisco ASR 1001-X Router License Verification 6-1. Viewing the Cisco IOS License Level 6-1. Configuring the Throughput Level 6-2. Viewing License Information 6-3. Per Port Counted License (10-GE Interfaces) 6-7. 10-GE Interface Evaluation License Features.

Cisco Asr 1001 License Verification

Thanks Chris. Chris, All Cisco ASR 1000 feature licenses are honor-based; that is, they are not enforced through a Product Activation Key (PAK) with the exception of the 'technology package licenses' and the performance upgrade license (from 2.5 to 5 Gbps) on the Cisco ASR 1001 models. What are the key new items introduced with the Cisco ASR 1001 chassis compared to the other ASR 1000 Series routers? The Cisco ASR 1001 Series introduces the concept of the integrated daughter card (IDC) which is a non-field upgradeable component on the ASR 1001 chassis to provide enhanced (I/O) capabilities. Torrent Les Tudors Saison 4 Vf. At the time of first customer ship (FCS), the Cisco ASR 1001 comes in 3 different versions: The ASR 1001 base chassis (Part number ASR1001), the ASR1001-2XOC3POS chassis with an integrated daughter card with 2 OC3 POS ports and the ASR1001-4XT3 with an integrated daughter card with 4 T3 ports. The second phase of the ASR 1001 launched a further 3 chassis: the ASR1001-HDD with built in 160GB hard drive; the ASR1001-4X1GE with an integrated daughter card providing 4 1GE ports; and the ASR1001-8XCHT1E1 with an integrated daughter card providing 8 channelized T1/E1 ports. Further, the Cisco ASR 1001 is the first chassis of the Cisco ASR 1000 Series which implements the software activation which is the same software activation concept as seen on other Cisco offerings, e.g.

On the Cisco ISR G2 router Series. At FCS, 2 different type of licenses will be enforced via software activation. Zynga Poker Script Nulled Meaning more. Firstly, the feature sets offered through the IP Base (K9 and non-K9), Advanced IP Services (K9 and non-K9) and Advanced Enterprise Services (K9 and non-K9). Secondly, the upgrade from the default performance of 2.5-Gbps to 5-Gbps can be accomplished via a software activated performance upgrade license (part number to be used at time of ordering any of the three ASR1001 chassis for the performance upgrade to 5-Gbps is FLS-ASR1001-5G). Other functionality such as firewall, encryption is planned to be software activated on the ASR 1001 in the future.

How to activate a license once you have a PAK (Product Authorization Key): 1. Type the PAK you received on the form and submit it; 3. Activate the license on the ASR1000. FAQ on For software activation commands, go to: HTH.

Cheers, Gustavo. Thanks very much, that sums up what I have found however I am back to the same question. I understand the licencing I think, so how when faced with a console do you enable such features OR do you buy the kit with the feature enabled depending on the part number. If this is the case my customer has been shipped the wrong kit and I need to go and enable the featureset. I presume with the kit a licence pack contains a key?