Cognos Oracle Jdbc Driver Oracledriver

Cognos Oracle.jdbc.driver.oracledriver

Test data source connectivity on Oracle data source using few Oracle users fail in DQM mode. Below error is observed in XQE logs and Cognos portal: XQE-DS-0014 Unable to logon to the data source. An unexpected error from the JDBC driver 'oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver':'java.lang.RunTimeException:java.lang.

Gericom Tv Tuner Usb 2.0 Driver Win7. -There are few Oracle users with which the data source connectivity test succeeds. -All the Oracle users discussed here has same roles and privileges.

-Connectivity to Oracle(Using both type of users using which the data source connectivity test succeeds and fails) in JDBC mode succeeds on Cognos machine. Below is the syntax of the command used to test JDBC connectivity from Command prompt of Cognos machine. Steps to resolve the issue:- 1. Check the exact version of the Oracle Database server. Confirm for the supported version of Oracle JDBC driver on Oracle website. Identify if the ojdbcX.jar jdbc driver files have been placed at the right location by following the below steps: 2.a) Execute below command in DOS window.