Detergent Soap Making Formula Pdf

SOAP & DETERGENT INDUSTRY A detergent is a surfactant or a mixture of surfactants with “cleaning properties in dilute solutions.Soaps, washing powders, liquid and other chemicals act the function of removing the soil, stains, oils, and greasy partials from the fibers. Principles And Practice Using C Pdf Torrent there. Benton Modern Font. On the basis of water reaction, there are four types of • Anionic • Cationic • Non ionic • Amphoteric. Anionic A negatively charged ion having the abilities to dissolve the fats or lipids molecules in the cleaning action. A lot of detergents belong to this group mainly sulfonate and sulfate products including the long chain fatty acid alkyl aryl sulfonate, alcohol sulfonate,sulfonated ether,Olefin sulfates and sulfonates,Alkane sulfonates and phosphoenol. Cationic Cationic are the opposite of the an ionic detergents as it carries the positive charges with the ability to dissolve the fats and oils particles. Trainz Driver Apk Free Download Torrent. Cationic detergents chemicals are not use for cleaning as they have the strong caustic and alkali chemicals properties which act as anti-germicide. These are toxic behavior in nature and use for maturing the fiber colors. Nonionic Nonionic detergents do not make any ion in the water which are made by animal fats, alcohol, amides, and amines molecules.

Detergent Soap Making Formula PdfDetergent Soap Making Formula Pdf