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ChopSuey wrote:I was downloading rune factory 3 save file. It was a.duc file and after download finished i moved the.duc file to drastic>savestates and i launched drastic and played the game i try to load the save file frm the game but the game could not see it. I try reinstalling the game but nothing seems to work pliZzz tell me how to load a save file from the game. First, consolidate your posts. If ever you have multiple concerns, just post it on a single thread. Consider yourself warned about your concerns, drastic does not recognize any states other than its native.dss files. I can however recognize.dsv files which are ingame saves so yeah, wherever you got your.duc, you cant use them.

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Second with regards to your other post, try this open drastic then load new game>select your game>Videoget License Number Keygen Music. load other save.

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