Generals Zero Hour Maps Pack Download

Download free maps and mods for C&C Generals: Zero Hour! Universal Extractor Archive Winrar on this page. Rsa Encryption Program In Java more. Command and Conquer: Generals – Zero Hour is the expansion pack for the.

Verypdf Pdf To Html Converter V2.0. Icy Waters (2 players): This is a winter themed map. The players are separated by a river, but you can cross it via a land bridge.

Generals Zero Hour Maps Pack DownloadC&c Generals Zero Hour Maps

The Core (2 players): The map contains nuclear facilities along with a ravaged and desolated town in the middle of a Nuclear Winter. Sand, Cities and Canyons (2 players): A large middle eastern city, divided by a canyon. You can cross by bridges across the canyon. I highly recommend trying out these maps, as they are very good quality.