Pyp Lesson Plan Template

Pyp Lesson Plan Template

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Mar 11, 2016 49 thoughts on “ PYP Day Plan Template ” Pingback. “How can I convert what I wrote on a PYP daily lesson plan” the short answer is. Amelia O'Brien, a grade 6 PYP teacher at the Luanda International School (Angola), has shared her Maths Inquiry Template with Inquiry Maths. The template helps students think about concepts relevant to the prompt and plan the inquiry. In their most recent inquiry, Amelia's pupils posed generative questions that opened.

Serial Lightroom 6 Mac Free. One of the biggest causes of learning tension I see with teachers new to inquiry or PYP, centers around planning for inquiry. There are lots of great blog posts about planning for inquiry: However, many of these posts focus on inquiry-based planning in a long-range and short-range sense. The question I get from many teachers I work with is: “What does inquiry-based planning look like from day to day?” I have noticed that many of the teachers new to inquiry and PYP at my school use their day plan templates from non-inquiry-based or non-PYP education systems. I wonder how much these day-to-day planning tools preclude teachers from achieving their goals of planning and teaching units in an inquiry-based, PYP way? Inspired by this question, I have been working on a mock-up of a potential PYP day plan template. I have tried to structure the day plan to include time for Unit of Inquiry, Stand-Alone Math Inquiry and Stand-Alone Literacy Inquiry. Within each type of inquiry I have tried to include an explicit focus on the essential elements of the PYP, stages of the inquiry cycle, approaches to teaching, assessment and reflection.

Here is my first draft: Here is an example of what it might look like once it is filled in: My hope is that by changing or adapting their planning tool, teachers will also change the way in which they plan – and consequently the way in which they teach. Building space on day plans for a guiding questions, elements of the PYP, stages of inquiry, approaches to teaching, assessment and reflection will hopefully make these components of inquiry-based, PYP teaching and learning more explicit in the minds of teachers when they are planning each day. If they are more explicit in the minds of teachers when they are planning, hopefully they will also become more explicit and transparent for the students as their learning. This is my first draft of a PYP-friendly day plan template and I would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and feedback as well as see some other examples of day plan templates that support the unique needs of planning for inquiry in a PYP school. Hi Simon, D stands for diagnostic. In my teaching I like to see what skills, knowledge and understanding my students have before a unit starts.

(Also goes by the name of tuning in, assessment before learning or assessing prior knowledge). This allows me to understand where I need to provide whole class support, small group support and individual support. 3d Brick Blaster Unlimited Keygen. It also helps me identify the students who are coming with the expected knowledge, understanding and skills so I can help support them in how to extend their learning over the course of the unit.

The day planner has interesting parts but once again too detailed for new to PYP teachers who are struggling to juggle with understanding of all the terms. With this in mind I would remove the parts from Knowledge all the way down to Learner profile(which are part of the planner and POI already).

I like the “guiding question” and “stage of inquiry” parts. Feel there are details about the what of methods expected to use which could be included.specially for the sake of newbies and in view of making something concrete shape up in those 75 minutes. Thanks for your comments Jessica. Right now most of the teachers at my school have blocked out time for Unit of Inquiry and we are in the process of building stand-alone math and literacy planners, so once those are in motion there will also be blocked out time for Literacy Inquiry and Math Inquiry.