Virginia Hipp Program

Online Application for WV HIPP - West Virginia's Health Insurance Premium Payment Program Fill out this form. Then click Submit to send it to us. *These are required fields. Make sure you fill in these boxes. How did you hear about WV HIPP?*. Please Select, Program information mailed to my home, My. The West Virginia Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) program is a state-funded program for qualifying Medicaid recipients and their families who have access to. HIPP is a federal requirement that all Medicaid-eligible individuals who are able to enroll in a cost-effective private health insurance plan through their employer do so. The HIPP program will pay the employee's share of the premium. Individuals who do not enroll will lose their Medicaid benefits. The HIPP unit at the. Feb 25, 2010 - How do I apply for HIPP? You can get a HIPP Application and. Employer Insurance Verification (EIV) form: • by calling the HIPP Unit. • online at HIPP.htm. • by calling your local Department of. Social Services (DSS). • Follow application instructions.

Virginia Hipp Program

VA HIPP - Health Insurance Premium Payment Program - Medicaid VA HIPP - Health Insurance Premium Payment Program - Medicaid is a Federally mandated program administered in Virginia by the that pays the applicant's share of employer-based health insurance premiums. NOTE: In Virginia, this program is known as 'FAMIS Select'. The applicant or family members must be, employed, and able to get group health insurance or COBRA coverage from their employer. May also pay for medical expenses not covered by your private insurance. (This is called 'wrap-around' coverage.) Contact your or call the HIPP Helpline at 1-800-432-5924 for more information. Additional Information FAMIS Select replaced the former ESHI program on August 1, 2005 and provides an alternative for families with children approved for who have access to private or employer-sponsored coverage.

If the family elects to participate in FAMIS Select, they receive up to a $100 per month to help pay for the cost of covering the child in a private or employer's health plan instead of through FAMIS. The child then receives the health care services provided by the private/employer-sponsored health plan and the family is responsible for any costs associated with that policy. In some cases, the premium assistance payment provided by funds helps the family afford coverage for the entire family.

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